Ceilink Case Study: Green Fields, SA

In their corner of Green Fields, South Australia, Paul and Heather had created a little slice of heaven to call home; a safe haven to return to at the end of the day and a welcoming place to host friends and family. However, their expansive outdoor area needed some attention. Their pitched skillion lacked the love and lustre that the rest of the home offered with little more than laser lite and shade cloth for shelter.

Paul quickly decided that he’d had enough of his old courtyard and got to work demolishing the existing pergola and building it up again from the ground up.

He began by drafting up a structure of his own design before tearing down the laser lite and other materials. He began with the structure shown below, sheltering a wide-open space perfect for entertaining, but he was still in need of a roof system.

In his research, he came across several products but none that measured up to Versiclad’s structural insulated panels. Our Ceilink panels, in particular, stood out, not only delivering on his building needs, but also offering an affordable solution that met his desired price point.

Having found his winning roof system, Paul was ready to finalise his project. He measured up his dimensions and gave Versiclad a call to confirm his needs and make an order.

When his Ceilink panels arrived, Paul was eager to get to work. Armed with their custom angles and Installation Guide, Paul, Heather, and their neighbour got to building the roof system.

“I bought a steel disc as recommended in the installation guide, and it cut through like butter. It was so simple and so easy”

In a matter of hours, the Ceilink panels were up and the roof system complete, offering Paul and Heather an outdoor space that would survive the scorching conditions of an Aussie summer as well as the cool, wet midyear winters.

When asked how he found the process, Paul responded saying, “We had a great time! We knocked it out in a day, no worries”.

Ceilink panels are made up of three layered materials: a steel face with a refined finish, a fire-retardant EPS core and a foil backing. These components make up a panel which is designed to be an all-encompassing solution that simplifies the insulation process, which is what made them perfect for Paul’s pergola project.

The sleek ceiling finish of our Ceilink panels offer all the perks of traditional insulation without compromising on style and design, ensuring an outdoor space with year-round comfort that is the envy of the neighbourhood. As was the case with Paul and Heather, We had a few people come over for Bathurst weekend and they loved it. It made the place look so nice, that when a mate saw it, he wanted it straight away. I’m so happy with it!”

Insulating your outdoor area doesn’t need to be a tedious job. Ceilink offers all the benefits of traditional insulation without the mess and in a fraction of the time. If you’re patio needs an upgrade, consider Ceilink for a quick, easy and stylish insulation solution.
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