There’s no need to replace your roof or install bulky insulation, plasterboard ceilings and all the associated mess, sanding and painting. Pre-finished insulated Ceilink panels are specifically designed to fit under existing or new single skin roofing or line an existing wall, and are quick and easy to install in just a few hours.


STEP 1. Perimeter Supports

Fasten the wall angle to all but one end of your room at the selected ceiling height, which must be a minimum of 60mm below the roof skin.

  1. Mitre or butt joint the angle at corners.
  2. Fasten angle every 600mm.

STEP 2. Cut Panels

A. Length: Cut your panels 45mm shorter than the room width. This allows them to be lifted into place.
B. Width: To balance the ceiling look and to avoid fitting a narrow strip at one end, adjust/cut the first and last panel widths making sure you keep the male joint on the first panel and the female joint on the last panel.


STEP 3. Fit Panels

1. Start assembly with male joint facing out. Lower the panel to sit evenly on each angle.
2. Slide the first panel to the end of the room and screw panel to wall angle close to the male joint.
3. Install the rest of the panels.


STEP 4. Last Panel

1. Place the last angle on your wall and drill fixing points, but do not fix the angle in place.
2. Install your panel and lift the outer side up.
3. Now fix your angle in place and lower the panel on to it.


STEP 5. Panel Supports

For panels spanning more than 4m, or supporting extra weight from heavy lights, hanger support straps will need to be fitted.
Insert support strap between foam core and steel skin of the male joint in the middle of the panel. Fix in place with a rivet or tek screw. Fix top end of hanger support strap to your roof or frame.


To minimise condensation and damage during extreme weather conditions, we recommend blocking off air access around the perimeter between the Ceilink panel and the roof.

Contact a licensed electrician for any electrical work. Downlights can be fitted if the gap between the roof skin and the panel meets the lights requirements and safety guidelines.
LED Downlights are now available from Ceilink.