Where are Versiclad roof panels made?

  • Our roof wall and ceiling panels are manufactured in Casula, Sydney. Family owned and operated since 1986, we take pride in our reputation for quality and unique products, as well as our customer service and satisfaction, combined with our fast turnaround times. Versiclad panels are made in Australia, manufactured to withstand the Australian environment.

Is there a warranty on Versiclad Products?

  • Yes, Versiclad 10 Year Warranty covers structural defects and delamination which are caused as a result of the manufacturing process. https://versiclad.com.au/warranty/

Does Versiclad supply directly to the public?

  • Yes we do. Whilst we are unable to install your project we can refer you to one of our preferred installers if required.

How do I get a quote for supply only?

  • We’re happy to offer you a quotation/estimate. Please supply requirements, drawings and information to allow us to quote you accurately. Note: We manufacture only, we unfortunately do not offer an onsite measuring service.

How much does it cost to quote a project using Versiclad products?

  • It’s free. Request a quote now and we’ll arrange for one of our sales team to contact you.

Do Versiclad offer supply and install?

  • As a manufacturer please note that we do not offer installation. We can however assist with referring one of our preferred customers for installation. Please give us a call.

How do I get a quote for supply and install?

  • Please contact us with your location and we can refer you to one of our preferred installers.

Do you have a product that is suitable for coastal and marine environments?

  • Yes, we have optional corrosion resistant paint finish, Magnaflow™, a pre-painted steel with magnesium added which is ideal for harsh environments and those sites near the coast.

Can I use Versiclad in bush fire prone areas?

  • Yes, Versiclad insulated roof panels are certified up to BAL-40 with the use of fire flashings (Bushfire Attack Level).

Is Versiclad Roofing suitable for Australia Cyclonic Conditions?

  • Our insulated roof panels have been engineered for Australian conditions (to NCC guidelines) and are compliant with Australian Standards. For full engineering details please contact our sales team.

What is a free span?

  • Free span is the distance between two support beams or walls.

Can I overhang the panel beyond the beam?

  • Yes you may overhang (we call this cantilever) the panel past the support beam to create an eave. Please contact our sales team for details.

What does trafficable mean?

  • Trafficable means you can walk on the product for maintenance purposes only. (trafficable does not apply to overhang/cantilever areas).

Is Versiclad roofing suitable to bespoke designed outdoor areas?

  • Versiclad insulated roof panels are suitable to a variety of custom design solutions for your next outdoor living area.

What does left lap/right lap mean in relation to a Versiclad roof panel?