MagnaFlow option Now Available!

Versiclad now has MagnaFlowTM option ,a pre painted steel panel with magnesium added for superior corrosion resistance is ideal for harsh environments and those near the coast.

The superior corrosion resistance of MagnaFlow means it is an ideal choice for more demanding environments, such as roofs 100m from the coastline. The magnesium in the aluminium/zinc/magnesium alloy coating ‘magically’ helps zinc flow over cut edges, sealing them and providing long term protection against corrosion.
MagnaFlowTM option available on our Spacemaker, Corrolink S and Double Corrolink S wide roof panels.

Should you require more information please don’t hesitate top contact us on 02 9821 2199.

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  1. Hi have been burnt out at Rosedale sth coast NSW. Im looking at a curved roof EZY Homes Coolum 2 kit design to rebuild when government clean up is complete. The current choice is colour bond roof and external cladding.Steel frames. Im enquiring if your products can be cost effectively substituting for the steel curved roof and external wall claddings . It looks like it would be ideal to give me not only insulation but ceiling inside. Is this true and how much cost differential. I will need to contact Ezy to see if they can include your substitute in their kit as they will install the frame and curved roof in their contract. I will do the external cladding and internal walls etc.Many thanks regardsDarol

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