Product Update- Ceiling Colour Change

As part of our regular product improvement reviews we are changing our ceiling colour from ‘THREDBO WHITE’ to ‘PEARL WHITE’ on our Ceilink and 1000mm wide roof panels. The new ceiling colour, PEARL WHITE, is more compatible with posts and beams and is a brighter white.

This change will be implemented for all Thredbo White Smooth, Stucco and Micraline ceiling orders as follows:

Spacemaker / Ceilink / Corrolink-S (1000): ‘PEARL WHITE SMOOTH‘ finish ceilings from last week in May

Corrolink-S (1000) : ‘PEARL WHITE MICRALINE‘ finish ceilings from last week in May

Spacemaker/Ceilink/Corrolink-S (1000) : ‘PEARL WHITE STUCCO‘ finish ceilings from mid-late June

This change will also filter through to Steel and Aluminium Wall panels. Dates to be advised.

Don’t despair- If you require any replacement panels for recent or past projects, please ensure you advise us immediately of the original order details as we have minimal stock of Thredbo White coil in reserve for these situations.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us on 02 9821 2199