Stylish architectural look and feel

For an architectural look that has an incredible trafficable free span of up to 10 metres, choose Versiclad’s Double Corrolink-S Structural Insulated Roof Panels.

Suitable for a variety of uses from complete homes, outdoor living rooms, verandahs and even football stadiums. Double Corrolink-S creates a beautiful feature with it’s corrugated profile on both top and ceiling faces and is available in 20 colours and 4 thickness options, so you can achieve the look, span and insulation levels you desire. BAL 29 engineering certificate available upon request.

Optional MagnaFlow™, pre painted steel with  magnesium added for a superior corrosion resistance is ideal for harsh environments and those near the coast.

Key Features & Benefits

Minimum roof pitch only 3°
• Long trafficable unsupported span of up to 10.0m means less unsightly support beams
• Lightweight and easy to install
• Wiring services run through core duct
• Fire retardant EPS insulated core dramatically reduces radiant heat transfer, mould and condensation
• Fire flashings available to suit up to BAL 29
• Ceiling fan mounting plates available
• Solar panel installation engineering
• Side eave overhang up to 450mm based on full width panel. Cantilever distance up to 2.92m
• Panels customised to your cutback and lapping specs.



double corro s chart

*Maximum manufactured ceiling length = 10000mm. Max engineered spans used for cantilever lengths; cantilever ability of the panel is 25% of the allowable span, provided there is double the desired cantilever as a backspan.
Maximum side eave achieveable is 450mm, based on using a full width panel.
Please note: Cantilever and eave spans are non-trafficable.
Fixing Details:Fixed to support member with 14g self drilling scerws at every alternate crest.
Typically 7 screws to each panel, at each support. Request engineering specs for more information.