Versiclad Casula Location

Versiclad is on the move in 2019!

Versiclad is on the move in 2019

After 30 years in Moorebank we’ve finally exhausted every inch of our factory and need to move.

During the Christmas break we will be moving to a new facility located at the Crossroads Logistics Centre at Casula. There we will all enjoy the huge dispatch area with sufficient room for trucks of all shapes and sizes which is a welcome relief for all of us. The new location has easy access the M5 and M7 motorways to reach all areas of Greater Sydney and beyond.

2018 Shutdown at Moorebank

Midday 21st December 2018.

2019 Re-Opening at Casula

Monday 14th January 2019

Contact phone numbers:  1300 000 900  or  02 9821-2199

New Address

3 Berriwerri Place, Casula NSW 2170    (Next to Westrac – 280 Beech Road)

Note:    The above address is a new street which is not yet available on SatNav or GPS devices, however it is locatable via “Google Maps”.

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