Made for efficiency on site.

With its separate top and base plates, the Signature Two Part Receiver Channel makes the process of interlocking Versiclad roof panels faster and easier on site.

Faster, easier panel installation

  • The removable top plate simplifies the process of lapping and interlocking Versiclad insulated roof panels as the panel is not tightly wedged within the receiver as is the case with a folded receiver channel
  • Adjustable top flap easily accommodates varying roof pitch angles
  • Designated rear channel space for electrical wiring prevents wire crushing or damage from drilling
  • Flexible hook-in or slide-in options for top plate caters to a variety of install scenarios
  • Includes fastener positioning grooves to ensure straight lines and minimal slipping when drilling

Quality assured

  • Made from structurally rigid, high-grade aluminium suitable for coastal regions
  • Fire engineer approved for use in bushfire areas up to BAL-40
Signature Two Piece Receiver channel attached
Signature Two Piece Receiver Channel deep etch pieces

Learn more about our NEW Signature Two Part Receiver Channel when you download the flyer below.