Let your outdoor space shine

Taking advantage of natural light to brighten your outdoor oasis has never  looked better thanks to Versiclad’s Signature Skylight System.

The Signature Skylight System is an alluring solution that provides a vibrant outdoor experience by inviting natural light in while minimising UV transmission. It is ideal for a range of applications including patios, carports, awnings and gazebos.

Lumex skylight kit Caringbah

Maximise the light, inside and out

Signature Skylights will help to create the prefect environment for outdoor living by inviting natural light with a warm and dynamic quality that artificial light doesn’t provide. For outdoor spaces attached to your home, this will allow for a seamless connection between indoor and outdoor living.

Elevate your outdoor design

Skylights are a stylish and impactful way to visually enhance your home. By rightening your outdoor area, Signature Skylights will make it feel more expansive, luxurious and radiant.

Enhanced comfort

Our Versalink Plus and Corrolink 1000 roof panels work to effectively minimise heat transfer in summer and condensation build-up in the colder months. When seamlessly integrated with Signature Skylights, our complete roofing system will ensure a vibrant, stylish and comfortable environment year-round.

Lumex skylight kit


  • Made in Australia for Australian conditions
  • Reduces up to 99% of UV transmission
  • Roof diffuser constructed from hail resistant, Fibreglass reinforced Polyester  and backed by a 25-year warranty
  • Ceiling diffusers moulded from high impact acrylic
  • Kits available in 4m, 6m or 8m lengths
  • Ideal for patios, awnings, carports and gazebos

Compatible with Versalink Plus and  Corrolink 1000, Signature Skylight kits are available in 4m, 6m and 8m lengths, and are supplied with all components required to install one skylight.

Versalink Plus

Versalink Plus roof panel

Corrolink 1000

Coolink 1000 roof panel

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