Versiclad is the leading brand of high performance insulated roofing panels used in various architectural, design, residential and industrial applications.

Versiclad insulated roofing panels provide a weather tight cover, outstanding insulation, and a pre-finished maintenance free ceiling. Versiclad roof panels will not only keep you cool in summer and warm in winter, but deliver a comfortable atmosphere wherever it is you crave a relaxed environment.

Self-mating easily installed roof panels are available in a range of optional profiles with various thickness cores to suit your desired insulation rating or free span requirement. Our insulated roof panels provide a clean, crisp uninterrupted ceiling finish, reducing the number of unsightly support beams normally associated with traditional roofing methods.

Versiclad insulated roof panels are easily incorporated into all forms of construction, which will meet the building regulations insulation requirements. With its unrivalled sustainability and durability credentials, Versiclad makes it easy to specify roofing for your next project.

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Roofing Panel Specifications

Roof Sizes Spacemaker Corrolink-S Double Corrolink-S Corrolink Double Corrolink Versalink


Minimum Pitch 1 Degree 3 Degrees 3 Degrees  5 Degrees 5 Degrees 1 Degrees 2 Degrees
Maximum Free Span 11.407m 10.000m 10.000m  10.00mm  9.00mm 8.010m 9.000m
Maximum Length 15.000m 10.000m 10.000m 10.000mm 10.000mm 10.000m 10.000m
Panel Width 1000mm 1000mm 1000mm  765mm 765mm 1000mm 700mm
Exterior Colours 20 20 20  23  23 20 23
Ceiling Colours 3 3 20  1  23 3 23
Ceiling Textures 4 7 1  3  1 7 1
Insulation RT Value up to Winter 4.1 Summer 3.9 up to Winter 5.0 Summer 4.7 up to Winter 3.7 Summer 3.5 up to Winter 5.2 Summer 4.9  up to Winter 3.3 Summer 3.2 up to Winter 4.0 Summer 3.8 up to Summer 3.0 Winter 3.2