How to Clean Your Versiclad Roof

The appeal of a Versiclad insulated roof lies not only in its thermal properties but also in its sleek and modern aesthetic. However, when it comes to preserving its longevity and visual allure, basic maintenance goes a long way. Keeping your insulated roof clean not only enhances its appearance but also ensures optimal performance. In this blog, we’ll explore effective tips and strategies to help you maintain the cleanliness and brilliance of your Versiclad roof.

Regular Inspection:

While normal rain washing will work well to keep your roof free from most contaminants, it’s still important to conduct regular inspections every 3 – 6 months. Look for any signs of debris, dirt, or organic matter that might have accumulated. Early detection of such elements can prevent potential damage and make cleaning more manageable.

Hot Tip
Remember to check your fascia and under solar panels.

The importance of keeping you roof clean

Gentle Cleaning Solutions:

When it comes to cleaning an insulated roof, always opt for gentle cleaning solutions. Harsh chemicals can damage the surface and compromise the steel’s finish. Outdoor cleaning detergents that don’t contain bleach can be used, however, a mixture of mild detergent and water is often sufficient to remove dirt and grime.

Soft Brush or Broom:

Use a soft nylon-bristled brush or broom to sweep away loose debris and dirt. Avoid abrasive materials that can scratch or damage the surface of the insulated panels. A gentle sweeping motion is usually enough to dislodge most accumulated particles.

Pressure Washing with Caution:

If your roof requires more intensive cleaning, you may consider using a pressure washer that is less than 1000psi. However, even with a lower pressure, you should still exercise caution to avoid using excessive pressure in concentrated areas, as this can damage the panels. Maintain a safe distance and use a wide spray pattern to distribute the pressure evenly.

Mind the Joints and Seams:

Pay special attention to the joints and seams of the insulated roof panels during cleaning. These areas are more prone to the accumulation of dirt and debris. A soft nylon-bristled brush or a low-pressure spray can be effective in reaching and cleaning these specific spots.

Trim Surrounding Vegetation:

Overhanging branches and nearby vegetation can contribute to the accumulation of debris on your roof and can lead to blockages in your drainage system. Trim trees and bushes regularly to minimise the amount of organic matter falling onto the insulated panels.

Use of Touch-up Paints and Overpainting

Touch-up paint should NOT be used on the top profile of Versiclad products. While these paints may blend well and look identical when first applied, over time, exposure to UV rays will significantly alter their appearance leaving an unsightly stain that cannot be removed.

Cleaning Your Ceiling

Much like the top profile of your Versiclad roof, the underside of your insulated panels should also be maintained. Begin by inspecting the ceiling for any accumulated dust or potential contaminants. Then, using a soft brush or a vacuum cleaner with a brushed nozzle attachment, gently remove any loose particles. For stubborn stains or dirt, a mixture of mild detergent and water can be applied with a soft cloth or sponge. It’s crucial to avoid abrasive materials or harsh chemicals that may compromise the integrity of the panel’s surface.

Maintaining a clean Versiclad roof is not just about aesthetics; it’s also about preserving the functionality and efficiency of the roof system. By incorporating these cleaning tips into your regular maintenance routine, you can enjoy a Versiclad roof that not only looks stunning but also performs at its best, providing thermal efficiency and protection for years to come.
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