How to Create a Space that Brings You Joy

Outdoor Living – We hear this term a lot and it’s often applied to many backyard structures, activities and consumer goods, but what does it actually mean? Outdoor Living refers to the extension of your lifestyle, beyond the walls of your home, and out amongst the elements. The most important takeaway is that it should serve as a space where you can enjoy your lifestyle, your way.

This means that the term outdoor living can manifest in different ways for everyone. For some, this could take the form of a lush oasis of plants and greenery, perfect for peaceful meditation; while others might wish to host families with kids, enjoying the chaos of children laughing and playing.

Regardless of your lifestyle, creating a space that you’ll enjoy year-round starts with you. In this article we’ll explore how you can design a space that not only instils joy but is entirely your own.


Start by identifying what you want from your space. Functionally speaking, how will you be using it? What purpose does it serve? How will your time be spent in this area? From there you’ll be able to determine what you’ll need to build your version of outdoor living. Be it a BBQ, a pool, maybe a Zen Garden, or lounge furniture, start by mapping out what elements are essential to how you’ll be spending time in this space.


Before committing to any of these elements, find something that brings you joy to draw inspiration from. This could be anything from a picture of your favourite destination to a statement piece which reflects your personality.

Destination Photograph

Use a photo of your favourite getaway destination and (figuratively) pull it apart to recreate the feeling of joy it brings. You can draw on colours, textures, shapes, and patterns. For example, you can draw on the blues of the ocean and incorporate some glass décor to contrast the sandy tones of your furniture; a rug that draws on the darker tones of the stone cliffs and a leafy pot plant emulating the lush greens of the mountains.

Coastal joy

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Statement Piece

Perhaps you’ve fallen in love with a unique individual item. You can use that accent piece as your focal point and build a space around it. But be careful to remain partial to elements that complement your center piece without overshadowing it. This could take the form of a unique chair, an abstract sculpture, a water feature or maybe a firepit – anything with character that speaks to your personal style and individual taste.

Monochromatic outdoor styling

InOutdoor Home Décor

Blend indoor and outdoor living, not just by catering for your lifestyle but by bringing your favourite indoor décor outside – rugs, throws, cushions, even mirrors and art pieces make a space feel comfortable and inviting.

Outdoor living with style

Lanterns are a timeless outdoor décor that will outlive all trends and can also provide an ambience when lit at night.

Potted plants make for a great splash of green and work well to blend elements of nature in and amongst your space. People commonly keep their plants in the boundaries of their home, however that can create a subconscious divide. Incorporating plants into your home and amongst your outdoor area invites energy and life.

On trend outdoor styling

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If you haven’t got a green thumb, or simply don’t have the time to maintain your plants, consider going for a faux alternative – but be careful to keep the faux plants in the shade as their green colour is likely to fade if kept in the sun.

Versiclad Blog

Lots of lighting ensures your space feels open and inviting, even at night, and irrespective of the season. But remember that your lights aren’t just there to illuminate, you can get creative with how and where you use them – they don’t always have to serve a functional purpose. You can backlight a feature piece to ensure its wow factor is maintained after hours. Or use your light fixture for its own wow factor.

Hanging lights in outdoor entertainment spaces can elevate your area from a backyard to stylish extended living space.


Probably the most important step is ensuring that you haven’t sacrificed comfort for aesthetic. Having a beautiful space is great, but what good is it if it’s never used. A common complaint that people have about their outdoor spaces is that they’re left vulnerable to the elements – it gets too cold and wet in winter and scorching hot in summer.

Thankfully, Versiclad’s structural insulated panels can help protect your space from the elements by keeping cool in the summer and warm and dry in the winter. With a wide range of colours and finishes you’ll be able to complement your unique space with a bespoke outdoor structure that suits you.

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And finally, don’t be afraid to mix concepts, genres, and styles. There is no rule book when you’re creating your own space. Trust your instincts and work with items that bring you joy – use this as your guiding light: “If it makes me happy, it can’t be wrong”.

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