Hunter Region Patio Transformation

Meet Jon. Jon is a homeowner from the Hunter Region of New South Wales who recently used Versiclad Ceilink panels to transform his veranda.

Jon had experienced many scorching summers under his single skin awning and felt it was time for an upgrade. In an effort to cool down his veranda and reduce the noise of the rain on wet days, Jon sought out a method of insulation and came across our Ceilink panel during his research.

The Story of Jon

Jon had undergone several renovations in his home, working his way to the outside of the house, he found himself weighing up options for his veranda. Many summers had passed under his single-skin Colorbond awning, each more sweltering than the last. The winter brought about heavy moisture and drops of condensation, and the rain was thunderously loud against the steel. The time had come to upgrade, and Jon was in the market for an insulation solution that would cater for all seasons.

Having previously insulated his shed with foil board, Jon began his search by looking for something similar. However, considering this was for his veranda, he hoped to find a product that was a little more aesthetic, which is when he came across Versiclad’s Ceilink panels.

Ceilink panels are made of three sandwiched materials – a steel face, an EPS core and a foil backing. The fire-retardant EPS insulated core dramatically reduces radiant heat transfer, noise, and condensation, while the steel face offers a sleek refined finish.

Knowing the product he wanted to use, Jon then sought out a builder to get to work on his veranda, but was disappointed with a quote that was well beyond his budget. After reviewing the Ceilink Installation Guide, Jon decided to tackle the project himself.

“I’m not a builder, so at first, I was worried, but there was nothing to it! It was very hard to go wrong”

With all the information at his disposal, Jon was able to dive into the project with confidence. The Installation Guide outlined the tools he’d need and the steps to take in preparation. He began by securing the perimeter supports and wall angles to the existing structure and then slotted the panels into the brackets one at a time. With a few cuts to the end panels and rivets to secure them in place, he was done within hours.

The Results

Jon was able to transform his veranda into a space that was comfortable, quiet and beautiful without blowing his budget or knocking down his existing structure. The renovation was completed in day and the results below speak for themselves.

“The house is a lot cooler. In the summer, when you walk out the back door, you don’t get hit with the heat off the underside of the roof and it certainly cut the noise down, inside and out, particularly when it’s raining.”

Today Jon can enjoy the comfort of his veranda all year round. The Ceilink panels help to block out the heat of the summer sun and never collect condensation in the winter months.

If you’d like to achieve the same results with your home, visit the Ceilink page of our website or contact our sales team for a quote.