Exploring Life Outdoors’ Cantilever Pergola

Enhancing outdoor living.

Transforming outdoor spaces into comfortable, functional, and stylish retreats is a goal for many homeowners. For one family, creating their ideal outdoor haven began with the installation of a Luxe Cantilever™  pergola using Versiclad structural insulated panels. Here’s an inside look at their experience and the remarkable changes it brought to their outdoor living.

The Inspiration Behind the Pergola

When asked about their inspiration to install a pergola, the homeowners highlighted three primary factors: shade coverage, outdoor comfort, and durability. They wanted a structure that offered all the benefits of a comfortable outdoor experience and could also withstand various weather conditions over time. The need for a reliable and aesthetically pleasing solution set them on the path to finding the perfect pergola.

Key Features and Final Decision

Design was also a crucial element in their decision-making process. They wanted a pergola that would seamlessly blend with their existing outdoor area, specifically one with fewer posts to maintain an open look. Tim from Life Outdoors, who they had worked with previously to build another Versiclad roof, presented them with exactly what they were looking for – the stunning Luxe Cantilever™ design you see below.

The Luxe Cantilever™ embodies a beautiful levitating design that eliminates the need for additional posts. This gravity-defying ingenuity made it the perfect fit for these homeowners who were looking to extend the comfort of their pool space without hindering the boundary with obstructions.

Smooth Sailing Through Planning and Installation

Remarkably, the planning and installation phases went off without a hitch. The homeowners reported no challenges, a testament to the expertise and efficiency of their builder, Tim, and his team from Life Outdoors. With such a unique pergola design, the homeowners were thrilled to have the project built in a timely manner, with ease, and in accordance with exactly what was discussed.

Outdoor Comfort and Lifestyle Changes

One of the homeowners’ primary concerns was their ability to spend time outdoors in a cool and comfortable space. Previously, their pool time was limited to about an hour during summer, as the extended exposure to the sun made it unbearable. With Versiclad’s structural insulated panels, their new pergola offered a cooler ambient space shaded from the sun. The homeowners now enjoy 5-6 hours of shade coverage across their pool, allowing them to spend more time outdoors.

Enhancements and Personal Touches

Once their new pergola was built, the homeowners were especially excited to make the space their own by adding some personal touches that reflected their taste and lifestyle. This included new potted plants, outdoor furniture, décor, and even considered installing a slide for the kids (and parents) to enjoy. These additions reflect their desire to create a welcoming and enjoyable environment for both family and friends.

Using Versiclad’s structural insulated panels, Life Outdoors’ Luxe Cantilever™ pergola has not only enhanced the aesthetic appeal of the homeowners’ outdoor space but also improved their quality of life. By providing much-needed outdoor comfort, shade and a stylish, durable structure, the pergola has transformed their backyard into a haven for relaxation and entertainment.

If you’re considering a pergola for your home, take inspiration from this family’s experience and enjoy the numerous benefits it can bring to your outdoor living space.

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